OCAL electronic collimator PRO
The new Electronic Collimator PRO version

The PRO version is newly revised, and the appearance and packaging are fully upgraded.

Higher accuracy, with m42 to m48 and 1.25-inch adapter, more convenient installation

Using the Android OTG adapters, with the mobile version of the software, you can collimate on your mobile phone!

The collimation problem of the reflecting telescope is a problem that astronomers must solve.OCAL electronic collimator is an electronic device developed by Chaoxing Astronomy to calibrate the collimation of reflective telescopes. Its main function is to mark several calibration circles through software to achieve the purpose of collimation.

Special features

1、Each Collimator has perfect pixel level accuracy in our high quality control.

2、Installing the collimator by M42 threads minimizes the install error.

3、The collimation errors may cause by different visual axis of human eyes in the traditional collimation tools. It can be total eliminated by OCAL.

4、The product can solve the problem of collimating large telescopes,with the assistance of collimation result shows on screen immediately.

5、4 steps collimation by this product. It is easy and suitable for everyone.

6、The product can check if the center mark of the primary mirror is correctly or not.

7、You can share your collimation result by screenshot. Or sending your collimation screenshot to us to get technical support.

Actual renderings
Ocal electronic collimator has hundreds of successful cases,especially suitable for some inexperienced astronomy enthusiasts.
Sky watcher200F4 collimation image for 5 minutes on site, exposure for 300 seconds, camera ZWO asi 2600MC
For more information, please refer to the user manual and purchase details